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Momof2InNeed   in reply to soulight   on


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Jefina, I live in ohio also. Go to your local hospital to get your nose put back in place. All the Hospitals in ohio have funding that will either pay a portion or all of your hospital bill, depending on your income. Just tell them you do not have medical insurace and need help getting the bill paid and they will give you the paperwork to fill out. Good Luck

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Momof2InNeed   in reply to RENEE821   on

About RENEE821

Your a cruel woman connie8. Why did you sign up for this page? You have no right to judge other people...Have you walked in their shoes? No obviously not. Everyone in this world needs help once in awhile, don't sign up for a page where people ask for help if all you want to do is cut them down, shame on you.

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Momof2InNeed   in reply to SysBot   on

What's on your heart and mind today?

Life is definantly getting better. I have really drawn close to God, which has helped tremendously. I know now everything is going to be okay, I just need to keep up my faith.

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About Momof2InNeed

I found this website because I too was seeking financial help. As I have read peoples stories from all walks of life, I realized the help I needed doesnt even come close to the help alot of other people need. I am here for anyone that needs to talk, needs a prayer or just a . Life can be so wonderful, even when things don't look so great, don't take one single moment for granted. May God bless anyone who reads this.

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